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Radu Cimpeanu

Associate Professor (Reader)

Warwick Mathematics Institute


CV (extended or 1-page format)

Who am I? Applied mathematician, lecturer, scientific computing specialist.

What do I do? Mathematical modelling of real-life systems, from topics in fluid mechanics to wave propagation and agent-based modelling. Often with a heavy high performance computing element and in collaboration with industry.

When do I do it? Pretty much any time, but I am a morning person.

Where do I do it? In my office, on medium to large computing clusters based at several institutions, though on occasion it happens on top of a hill or in the confines of a post-conference meal pub.

As of September 2019, I have taken up the role of Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics at the Warwick Mathematics Institute and I am now an Associate Professor (since 2022, and Reader since 2023). In the past I have worked within the Oxford Mathematical Institute as Hooke Research Fellow (2017-2019) and the Department of Mathematics in Imperial College London (2011-2017) as M.Sc. and Ph.D. student, followed by a PDRA position. I maintain appointments in both institutions through visiting fellowships and honorary associations, as well as active ties with several other UK-based and international groups. 

Within Warwick I currently act as Deputy Director of the Warwick Fluid Dynamics Research Centre, and serve as part of the Warwick Centre for Applications of Mathematical and Computing Sciences (CAMaCS for short) executive committee. At a national level, I am the departmental Knowledge Exchange Champion as part of the UK Knowledge Exchange Hub for Mathematical Sciences (KE Hub) and sit on the executive committee of the UK Fluids Network, while also supporting the UKRI National Fellowships in Fluid Dynamics (NFFDy) programme. 

I work on methodologies used to address technologically relevant problems pertaining to the broad field of fluid mechanics, in subareas such as microfluidics, water retention on aircraft surfaces, spray atomisation and electrohydrodynamics. I am also active in computational acoustics (perfectly matched layers in particular) and in a more general industrial mathematical modelling setting, with previous projects in operational research and performance optimisation in flow-related devices (e.g. vacuum pumps, pesticide sprays). I often participate in Study Groups with Industry, as well as events within the UK Fluids Network as part of several Special Interest Groups.

You can find an overview of my research interests here, with several case studies and dedicated web content on the topics below soon to follow.

High-speed flows and drop impact

Multi-physics modelling and control

Computational acoustics

Industrial mathematics

Past conferences and seminar activity

Below is a map of the various institutions and places around the world I've been fortunate enough to visit for seminars, workshops and conferences. (Blue = seminars, Red = conferences, Green = workshops, Orange = virtual lectures/events)

Future events

Both 2022 and 2023 have been busy years following in-person events coming back, with the BAMC, BECMC, UKFC, EFMC and APS DFD meetings, a nice workshop co-organised at Warwick, and an ICMS Research-in-Groups visit already ticked off (alongside some great seminars). ICIAM 2023 in Tokyo was definitely a recent highlight! What's next you ask?