YouTube Channel

I maintain a (small) collection of simulation-based summary materials spanning all aspects of my research. More content is currently in preparation, from the honey dipper problem to the suppression of dripping.

Writing for general audiences

Apart from publications and specialised content, I often find it useful and rewarding to take a step back to provide a bit of context or discuss some more general aspects of my work. Here are a few examples:

  1. Article on the role of computational mathematics.

  2. Application-oriented piece on the prevention of aircraft icing.

  3. Smith Institute TakeAIM competition winning entry on manipulating fluids at small scales.

  4. Set/STEM for Britain event at the Houses of Parliament.

Given the visual nature of much of the material, it lends itself to illustrative work for both posters and competitions such as The art of research or the UK Fluids Network competition.

I also reserve my Twitter activity (right/below) for academic-only activities and science-related news.

Science festivals and summer schools

Some of the most exciting times of my career have been spent among younger generations and the general public, who often offer some very interesting questions to ponder or manage to come up with very ingenious solutions to new challenges. Highlights include:

Next up

Working on 2021 and a good balance of virtual and in-person activities. Do not hesitate to get in touch with any ideas!