Research output

Since my early academic years, I have been a strong believer in rigorous and comprehensive dissemination, from the documents themselves to auxiliary materials and associated seminar activity.

  • have a look at my full publications page, which has been separated into research fields. There is also some guidance on how to reach open access versions of the respective work, however please get in touch in case you need any additional information.

  • having strived for a combination of publication-friendly industrial mathematics alongside dedicated intellectual property generation, some of the research projects have resulted in manuscripts (on the publications page). However a few industry-only activities have been summarised on the patents page, as well as under consultancy.

  • my doctoral thesis, weighing in at roughly 350 pages and spanning several different topics in modelling physical systems involving interfacial flows (from Stokes flows to multiple deck theory) is definitely a reading for grey winter days. Very grateful to my examiners for having managed a smile (or two) after going through the entire document.

  • for less formal writing and other forms of media, I have provided some information on the outreach page.