When out of the office

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I intend to use this space to keep you up to date with any interesting informal developments.

RAMP - Transmission RRG

As part of RAMP (The Royal Society's initiative on Rapid Assistance in Modelling the Pandemic), I will be assisting the Rapid Response Group in coordinating review efforts within the transmission workstream. This concentrates on topics such as droplets, evaporation, airflow, aerosols, particles, face masks and environmental effects.

Should you have expertise in the areas above and wish to help by volunteering your time, please do not hesitate to write and I will provide further details about the process and commitments involved.


All the beautiful illustrations on this page and many of the visual materials I use are designed by my good friend Anca. Check out her portfolio at Anca Pora Illustration, as well as a sneak peek into some future projects.

Because it's there

Be it the middle of summer or the dead of winter, it's quite easy to convince me to climb something. Most often a mountain, but I accept the odd hill, particularly in the Chilterns, Cotswolds or South Downs. I co-manage a little hiking group around the London-Oxford-Coventry area and we go for monthly walks. Really appreciate the materials from SWC for the organisation side of these. I am also fond of going downhill. Quickly. Preferably on skis. A context in which I rarely apply steepest descent methods.

Running away from responsibilities

In September 2014 I took up running (primarily as an excuse to explore more areas of London and earn my breakfasts at the time) via parkruns. It was as rainy and miserable as it should have been, but definitely kept me going for years to come. And, with the exception of "the bad ankle of 2015", it's been nice and steady progress since, especially spurred on by OUCH. Am I quick? Nope. Graceful? Not at all. But like a stubborn little tank I can get up to about half-marathon distances these days without complaining too much. Check out my Strava and RunBritain profiles for both random and race activities.