Supervision and mentorship

Current activities

  • 2021 UG: Alexia Huang will work on an 8-week summer project as part of Warwick's Undergraduate Research Support Scheme, creating a framework for improving our understanding of air pollution via aerosolised oil particles after an oil spill using a combination of fluid mechanical and statistical approaches.

  • 2021 UG: Benny Smith (Brown University) - jointly with Prof. Daniel Harris. Benny's project focuses on the implementation, validation and dissemination of open-source software for the computational modelling of rocking bioreactors used in the cultivated meat industry.

  • 2020-2021 UG: Oscar Holroyd (Warwick Mathematics Institute) - jointly with Dr. Susana Gomes. Oscar's 4th year project focuses on heterogeneous modelling of secondary droplet dynamics resulting from violent splashing problems, with a mixture of computational, PDE and agent-based techniques.

  • 2018-2022 PG: Michael Negus (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford) - jointly with Dr. Matthew Moore and Prof. James Oliver. Michael's key interests lie in the analytical and numerical study of interfacial flows, in particular high-speed impact onto deformable substrates.

  • 2018-2022 PG: Benjamin Fudge (Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, University of Oxford) - jointly with Prof. Alfonso Castrejon-Pita. Ben's work concentrates on the dynamics of splashing in a variety on contexts using both high-speed laboratory experiments and high-definition numerical simulations.

I am very keen to start new supervision roles and can offer a series of projects at UG, MSc and PhD levels as part of University of Warwick structures such as:

  • the Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (URSS) - 8-12 week summer projects

  • MSc and PhD projects under the Mathematical Modelling of Real World Systems CDT (MathSys)

  • PhD projects under the Modelling of Heterogeneous Systems CDT (HetSys)

Topics lie at the interface between several applied mathematical topics, from modelling and asymptotic analysis to scientific computing and control theory, with applications in areas ranging from multi-physics fluid mechanics (e.g. thin film electrohydrodynamics, drop impact and splashing) to advances in the methodology for improving sustainable food growth and environmental risk mitigation. Have a look at the relevant application timelines and get in touch to ask for more details!

Former students and projects

  • 2020 PG: Kamran Pentland (MathSys CDT, University of Warwick) - jointly with Dr. Ed Brambley. Kamran's M.Sc. project focused on nonlinear aspects of drop deformation under the action of accelerating gas flows, particularly in the context of high-speed impact onto aircraft parts.

  • 2020 UG: Andreea Popescu, Anish Gupta and Oscar Holroyd have completed 10-week summer projects under the competitive Undergraduate Research Support Scheme in Warwick, with topics ranging from modelling in interfacial flows to scientific computing for PDEs, computational acoustics to machine-learning-based methods for control design.

  • 2018 PG: Harry Reynolds (InFoMM CDT, University of Oxford) - jointly with Dr. Matthew Moore and Prof. James Oliver. Harry's mini-project (with Elkem Norway as industrial partner) concentrated on the modelling of the dynamics and impact of small-scale silicone particles onto molten metal baths, including generating predictive capabilities for entry criteria.

  • 2018 PG: Thomas Babb (InFoMM CDT, University of Oxford) - jointly with Prof. James Oliver. Tom's mini-project (with Thales Aerospace as industrial partner) consisted in characterising droplet trajectories and impingement dynamics onto Pitot tubes in unmanned aerial vehicles, with a view to improve our understanding of water collection efficiency and aid design principles in these geometries.

  • 2015 - 2017 UG: I have guided three M.Sc. projects and one Undergraduate Summer Research Project within the Department of Mathematics of Imperial College London, with three of the students subsequently starting doctoral research activities in the department.